Buy Walk-In Cooler Strip Curtains and Other Accessories

If you’re purchasing one of our easy to install walk-in freezers or refrigerators, don’t stop there – take a look at our accessories for sale online, as well. Buying walk-in cooler and freezer strip curtains, wire shelving, temperature alarms, ramps and other options can ensure the safety of your inventory against unexpected mishaps. Walk-In Cool provides everything you need to maximize your investment in your cold storage unit.

Need Help Deciding?

Buying your walk-in cooler, freezer or combination walk-in units is a significant business investment, and the right accessories, when carefully chosen, can help you maximize your returns. Whether you’re in the market for wire shelving or vinyl strip curtains, give us a call at Walk-In Cool for help deciding which options are right for you.


Buy Walk-In Wire Shelving Online

Even in restaurants with large storage areas, space is always at a premium. Maximize your walk-in storage with efficient and sanitary heavy duty wire shelving, suitable for both wet and dry applications. In wet and moisture intensive applications, our deep blue and dark green metallic Epoxy finish affords you lifetime protection against rust and corrosion.


buy walk in freezer strip curtains

Diamond Plate:

Although our wall, ceiling and floor panels are manufactured with the world’s finest raw materials, they are not indestructible! As your restaurant will be receiving daily deliveries, a sufficient amount of force from a hand truck or fork lift blade can easily gouge a panel.

Exposed areas of your walk-in should be protected in the most heavily trafficked areas of your restaurant, and our heavy-duty gauge polished aluminum diamond tread gives you the ultimate in protection!

Viewport Window:

Your refrigerated merchandise’s worst enemy is warm air infiltration. A tempered glass window eliminates the need for unnecessary opening and closing of the door. Check on your inventory without sacrificing temperature control!



Temperature Alarm:

You can’t afford to lose the entire contents of your walk-in cooler or freezer. Within hours of a temperature change due to an equipment malfunction or power outage, thousands of dollars of perishable merchandise could be lost. Protect your investment and the health of your customers and staff with a dual temperature alarm system, which features an audible in-house siren plus an auto dialer to ensure that the proper parties are alerted.

Don’t let spoiled food spoil your business. Food spoilage can lead to a decrease in food taste and presentation, not to mention a higher risk of food-borne illnesses. Today’s smart restaurateur needs to ensure that spoiled food never makes it to a customer’s plate!

Strip Doors:

Perhaps no feature saves more energy than a vinyl strip door. Strip doors allow for easy maintenance and installation in virtually any setting that needs a temperature barrier. Strip curtains ensure maximum energy saving capabilities by helping to keep cool air in and warm air out! Buy walk-in cooler and freezer strip curtains online from Walk-In Cool and save on both energy costs and inventory loss.



Entrance Ramp:

Save the floor of your new walk-in – and protect your back against strain – with an inexpensive entrance ramp made of extra heavy-duty gauge, highly polished domestic aluminum rated at 600 lbs.