All wall & ceiling Panels are 24 Gauge embossed aluminum finished in original mill or painted color in target, thickness,with permanent lamination to a solid core rigid  4″ expanded, Self-extinguishing Polystyrene or urethane insulation. Optional #304 20 gauge stainless steel is available upon request.

Polystyrene is the standard insulation for coolers.It is the most cost efficient insulation for a cooler application. Polystyrene will not absorb moisture, and moisture reduces its insulation capability.

Flame spread and smoke development 5/190 ASTM Test E84. Meets New Department Of Energy’s ”Energy Independence & Security Act Of 2007”
All panels have a tongue-in-groove, interlocking design with N.S.F. approved edge gaskets, resulting in an airtight Structure Panels are provided with a male and female cam-locking devise set into exact aligned positions around the perimeter.

The male locks are located on the tongue edges and the female on the groove.

Cam lock connectors and Foamed-In-Place NSF approved Double Bulb Vinyl Gasket Design that is permanently bonded to the panel behind the metal skins to ensure a quick and tight seal.

All standard 7 ft. wall panels have a minimum of three (3) cam locks, each designed to withstand 1,400 pounds of pull test. Buck openings are framed In ABS plastic trim.

Indoor floor less walk-ins are supplied with pre-cut, mitered and numbered vinyl floor screeds. This modular design allows for easy assembly and disassemble and one piece corners ensure structural integrity.


COOLER: All manufactured wall & ceiling panels
shall consist of rigid   4″ self-extinguishing  expanded polystyrene, (S.E.),
K factor of .22 at 70  degrees.
Density 1-1/4 lbs. Per cubic foot, rate of vapor
transmission less than 1.7 perms. Insulation core
shall have U.L. 25 flame spread rating with average
smoke  rating less than 450.
Efficiency Rating / R-Value = 28.

FREEZER: All manufactured panels shall consist
of  4″ expanded rigid Poly Urethane-Isocyanurate,
self-extracting (S.E.), K factor of .11 at 70 degrees.
Density 2 lbs. Per cubit foot, rate of vapor
transmission less than 2 perms. Insulation core shall
have U.L. 25 flame spread rating with average smoke
rating less than 150.
Efficiency Rating / R-Value = 34




The doors are of the same thickness and the same completion as that of the panels. The meetings are constructed of totally replaceable neoprene rubber.

The standard size of the Self Closing doors is of 34″ x 78″. Wipers and perimeter gaskets are fully replaceable, made from a rubberized flexible one piece section, fitted with magnetic strips for a perfect sealevery time.

The complete door section includes a vapor proof light fixture, Outside switch with pilot light and thermometer. The heavy duty cam lift hinges are made of polished aluminum, chrome plated door latch with adjustable strike. Interior safety release. Freezer door frames are fitted with U.L approved defrost cables on all four sides.

Optional diamond tread kick plates and window are available upon request.